What to expect from Progressive Counselling and Coaching

Progressive Counselling and Coaching empowers you to live life to the full. Whether you need help with relationships, decisions, illness, stress and anxiety or any other pressing issue, it helps you to connect with your own inner wisdom so that you can choose which way you want to go in your life.

So what actually happens in a session?

The first time we meet, I will be finding out as much as I can about what the particular issues you are facing. Some people feel nervous or uneasy during that initial session; after all, it’s a new situation for them. The good news is I am used to people feeling unsure and it is my job to put people at ease. Most of my clients find that once we start, me asking you questions and them answering that a conversation soon gets going and all nerves fly out of the window. (I have a background in acting and comedy, so don’t be surprised if I make you laugh from time to time).

I ask you lots of questions and the questions help you to see the things that are happening in your life either more clearly or in a completely different way. The most common sentence I hear my clients say in a session is, ‘I’ve never thought of it like that before.’ I am able to have an objective view of the things that you are dealing with and so bring fresh eyes to the situation for you.

You’ve heard the expression a problem shared is a problem halved, right? Well, with Progressive Counselling and Coaching a problem shared is a problem solved, eventually.

How long does it take?

It really does depend on the issue that the client is wrangling with. Some issues can be dealt with in just a few sessions, the client has a light bulb moment and knows what they need to do to put things right and goes off and does it.  Other times a client may come for one issue and as we work more issues come to the surface that need to be dealt with and so more sessions are required. Then there are the clients who enjoy having a counsellor and coach that they can check in with on a regular basis that they will be around for months, even years.

I usually say to clients to give it about five sessions and we can reassess at that point, to decide if there is a need to continue. However there are no hard and fast rules, the client gets to call the shots, it is ultimately they who decide how long they want to go on for.

How will it make me feel better?

It’s real ‘heart’ work this Progressive Counselling and Coaching, so expect to feel at times elated and at others challenged. Old emotions get a chance to shift from where they have been locked away in your mind and body, so there could be some tears but they are good tears, clearing and healing.

Not everyone one cries though, you don’t have to cry ok? You just need to know that all emotions are allowed to be expressed, no judgement.

What's the outcome?

People often feel stuck in their life when they come to counselling and coaching and it is my job to get them unstuck, that can happen quickly or slowly or with a sense of, one step forward, two steps back but we get there in the end.

Why do people like Progressive Counselling and Coaching?

Having someone listen to you and care about your progress is something we as human beings need. Knowing someone who has understanding and compassion for you as you face your fears is extremely useful. Seeing someone on a regular basis who empowers you and at the same time holds you accountable for the changes you want to make in your life is important if you want to live it to the max.

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Put simply, client talks, I listen and at the end of the session, the client feels better than when they came in.