5 Ways Counselling May Help With Physical Pain

If you have pain anywhere in your body, you get to a stage where you will do anything to take the pain away. Whilst pain relieving drugs help to mask the pain they don’t get to the root of the problem and so when they wear off the pain persists because it never really went away.

1) Where there is pain there is tension.

By opening up and describing the pain to someone who is listening to you with compassion you are truly able to be heard. Sometimes people don’t want to sound like they are moaning to their friends and family but to a Counsellor they can let it all out – the effect of which is a lessening in tension and a toning down of pain.

2) The body follows the mind.

By telling a Progressive Counsellor and Coach your inner most thoughts they are able to detect the language you are unconsciously using to describe your condition, there is often negative thinking going on which is unknowingly adding to the problem, once that is pointed out and positive thoughts used in their place the body has a new set of beliefs to follow. For example; a client may say “I’m so fed up of this pain; I’ll probably never recover from it”. The Counsellor is able to step in and help them see that they have a defeatist attitude. Changing the inner dialogue to something like “I’m ready to let go of this pain and everyday I’m getting better” helps the client move forward instead of being stuck.

3) What practical things can you change?

The Counsellor and Coach will ask you lots of questions to try to ascertain what is happening in your everyday life to cause the pain. On a very practical basis they will be looking for clues that might be adding to the pain. Things like; how long you sit for, what exercise you do, what eating habits you have. The list goes on as the Counsellor tries to build a picture of your daily life to help you to see more clearly how your day to day activities could be contributing to some of your physical pain.

4) You’ve locked some emotional issue somewhere in your body.

We all go through emotional times in our lives and sometimes in an attempt to deal with emotions we bury them, try not to deal with them and hope for the best. It works for some time but not forever at some point the emotions want to come up and be dealt with but you don’t want to go there; it’s too painful. So the body takes the pain. The Counsellor can help you begin to explore the emotions that could be at the root of all the pain. The pain is explored in your own time, when you’re ready and the gentle release of emotion equals a gentle release of pain.

5) Self Pity

When you are ill and have been for sometime it is easy to become a victim of self pity; especially if you believe that other people have got a better time than you and it’s ‘not fair’. If there is anything that will pour fuel on the fire of pain, it’s a good dose of self pity. Counselling helps the client see when self pity has got out of hand as soon as the client realises that they have been putting their mind on what they haven’t got rather than what they have got, they are able to change the way they think, which has an impact on how they can deal with physical pain.

The mind needs to stay positive when illness is around.

the more positive a mind; is the sooner Healing can take place.

Zibby Guest