What if you are single on Valentine’s Day?

As a Progressive Counsellor and Coach I very often have clients lamenting the fact that they are single whenever Valentine's Day rolls around, and to be fair, for people who have recently lost someone, Valentine’s Day can be an extremely painful time.

For those people who are not happy to be single then it is natural to feel sad or resentful when every shop you go into has turned red and every supermarket advert taunts you with images of meals for two.

However resentment never did anyone any good, it’s a horrible emotion to house, it blocks out any potential to feel good.

My role as a Counsellor and Coach is to help people feel better about themselves, for anyone who is sad that no-one has bought them a bunch of roses, I say get some for yourself.

Okay, maybe buying a card to send to you is a bit much.

But treating yourself to something nice is better than moping around feeling unloved.

I know it can sound cheesy but pouring love into yourself instead of sadness is bound to have an effect on your mental health.

Valentine's Day is a nice day for the young and in love. Remember when you enjoyed it? Let the memory of that time fill your heart with joy.

Filling your mind with good positive thoughts and emotions helps to shift the negative stuff.

The better you feel, the more chance you have of attracting Mr or Mrs Right, just make sure their first name isn’t ‘Always’.

And if the memory of young love doesn’t do the trick, let’s not forget that Valentine’s Day, is marking the execution of a priest of the same name, who was sentenced to a brutal death culminating in him being beheaded, so really the true meaning is a bit shady.

If you have read all this and thought, ‘well, I am happy being single, thank you very much.’ Check out Single Awareness day held on February 15th.

If you are struggling with sadness over the loss or breakdown of a relationship, get in touch, I’d love to see how I could support you. I do 1-2-1 Progressive Counselling and Coaching sessions in Chester or online.


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