Fees and Fee FAQ

Do you accept insurance?

This is a reasonable and common question. We have decided not to work directly with insurance companies for a number of reasons:

1. First, they require your counselor to assign a mental disorder diagnosis. Many of our clients don’t have a clinical mental disorder and instead they simply need help building coping skills and processing through major stressors. Not accepting insurance allows us not to pathologize or over-diagnose when it is not clinically or ethically appropriate.

2. Second, many insurance companies put extensive restrictions on what types of services they will cover. For example, many insurance companies do not cover marriage and family counseling. Additionally, because of these restrictions, many of your choices about treatment options are limited. We want the decisions about your treatment to be between your therapist and you only, and not have a third party involved in making those decisions. Not accepting insurance allows us to tailor treatment to you and not have it dictated by a payer who you’ve never met.

3. Finally, billing insurance jeopardizes your confidentiality. Insurance billing requires your counselor to submit a bill with mental health diagnoses and other sensitive information. This is stored in a and individuals who process or handle the claim are privy to it. Not accepting insurance allows us to keep your mental health symptoms and very vulnerable information away from insurance providers that could impact you in the future.

How do you handle cancellations or missed sessions?

We ask that you cancel with as much time as possible. But know that there are options before you cancel:

  • Is it helpful to do virtual instead of in-person?
  • Would a shortened session be better?
  • Is there another time to reschedule?
  • Talk to your counselor if there’s any other reason for cancellation.

Full fee is charged for any missed session. This is because each appointment time slot is set aside specifically for you and less than 24 hours is not enough time to make the appointment available to other clients needing to schedule. Thank you for understanding.