How do I know if I need counselling?

Counselling sessions can help you to gain clarity on an issue, change old patterns, untangle complex personal issues, or embark on a journey of self-development. You may seek counselling as a result of a crisis, or you may be encouraged to seek counselling by family members, friends or colleagues.

What about coaching?

Counselling and coaching go hand in hand, but coaching leans more towards working with someone who has a clear goal, they may want to lose weight, ace a job interview, start a new business and they need someone to hold them accountable and support them along the way.

What happens in a counselling/coaching session?

My job as a counsellor/coach is to listen to you and provide a safe environment in which to explore your issues. You are free to discuss what you wish, from everyday events, dilemmas, feelings, and thoughts, to regrets, aspirations, memories and dreams.

Where are sessions held?

Counselling sessions can be held either in person, or online over Skype. I have two permanent spaces, one in the centre of Chester and one in Huntington, but I am happy to meet in a public space if this makes you feel more comfortable.

How long does it take?

Your first session takes roughly one and a half hours, after which each session is usually one hour long. How many sessions you need is up to you. There is no pressure to book multiples but often problems can take some time to work through.

If you are unsure, I offer a free 30 minutes consultation so you can see if I am right for you.