Starting Counseling

Let’s get you familiar with the counseling process. reduce anxiety and increase confidence in getting started.

Counseling Process

“Something needs to change.”

Hurray! YOU have decided that you want something different.

You call or message Forward + Through for a complimentary 15 min initial chat to answer some basic, introductory questions and to assure we can provide what you’re looking for.

Schedule an Initial Appointment

Another HURRAY! You and the Forward + Through counselor have decided that you are a good fit and have scheduled an initial appointment.

Initial paperwork

You’ll be asked to complete some preliminary paperwork so your counselor can become familiar with who you are and what you’re hoping for in counseling.

Initial Appointment (aka Clinical Intake)

You come to your initial appointment, either in person or virtually depending, on your preference.

Consider this an initial, informal meet-and-greet before you dive in. No need for intimidation or fear – your counselor will ask questions to get to know you and you can share what you’d like.

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Setting Your Focus

You are in the driver’s seat as you and your counselor decide what to focus on during your counseling sessions.

You’ll be asked what you want to focus on in your treatment. Here are a few prompts to help you get started thinking about this question:

Think of the various areas in your life: Family, friends, work/career, self-esteem and self-worth, health, romantic relationships, finances, independence, etc.

Prompts to identify treatment goals;

  • What will your life look like when things are going well?
  • What would change or suddenly be better to feel like you’re living the life you’d like?
  • How will you know it’s time to end treatment?
  • In what realms would things be different and what would the differences be?

Examples of treatment intentions/goals:

My confidence would increase so I feel capable at work and so I could pursue mentoring others, which I really enjoy.

I’d feel worthy of a healthy and FUN relationship.

My health would be a priority so I feel energized, sleep better, and feel more confident.


Therapy starts at the first interaction but deepens as you have more sessions.

The length of treatment depends on the client’s intensity of symptoms, counselor recommendations, evidence-based treatment recommendations, and, of course, client preference.

Counseling could be done on an individual basis at first then opened up to a partner or spouse for couples counseling. There could be an addition for a symptom-specific group, like Why Worry?, an anxiety treatment group. Whatever treatment course is recommended, YOU get to decide.


aka living your best life.

WHOA! You’ve done a TON of work and you’re feeling equipped, healthy, confident, and READY to reduce the frequency of therapy.

You and your counselor may reduce the frequency of your sessions from bi-weekly to monthly. Or it may be check-in’s every 6 weeks.

F+T wants you to feel independent and capable prior to discontinuing treatment fully but we are always here if an increase in services is needed.